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Author David Disraeli Announces New Book, “The Hitchiker’s Guide to Financial Security”

(OPENPRESS) November 9, 2010 — The “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Financial Security” will cause every investor to rethink their position on a great deal of popular beliefs. This book challenges the notion that tax deferral is good, and saving for college may not be in everyone’s best interest. The IRS is not a benevolent organization. It knows full well that tax deferred investing may some day allow them to generate enormous revenue. Today there are billions of dollars in unpaid tax liabilities waiting to be paid in retirement accounts. David Disraeli’s “Unlimited Roth” and “Creating a Tax Free Retirement” take a fresh look at long term investing in way that minimizes the IRS’s impact on a consumer’s future cash flow. The book discusses whole life insurance as an asset class much like stocks, bonds, commodities and cash. The book informs readers about common mistakes in estate planning, dying without a will, and leaving money to minors. The majority of Americans do not have a will and are not aware of the consequences of their inaction.

Disraeli says that everyone has a silent partner and that this partner may be planning to become much less silent. Fully 1/3 of everyone’s IRA or 401k is actually owned by the government. The consumer gets to take all the risk while the government earns 30% or more of the profits. What’s worse, the U.S.’s fiscal policy is such that some day soon that 30% may grow to 50%. The most startling fact is that the taxpayer has no control over future tax rates. Since the net spendable income is what is left over after taxes, that puts retirees at the mercy of the IRS.

In addition to being an author and lecturer, David Disraeli is founder and president of The Personal CFO, Inc. in Austin Texas, a financial planning firm dedicated to holistic, highly efficient financial strategies. Mr. Disraeli has been in financial planning for 24 years. He spent the first seven years as a stockbroker and 17 years as an independent financial adviser. Mr. Disraeli is also the Austin Chapter President for the Society for Financial Awareness, a non profit speakers bureau in 47 states. Through the society, Mr. Disraeli gives lectures to employees of local government and large publicly traded companies.

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